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Det.Carlito calls in Icon Kidd roommate to ask him about the missing Porn stars and if Dynomite know anything about this Jigga Zilla Creator. Lilttle does Det. Carltio know that JiggaZilla has been watch him all the time hes been investigatein him Det. Carlito get a phone that JiggaZilla has stroke again. And the light beging flickering and the computer goes off and on.. Only to wake up and find that hes been captuered by Jigga Zilla and Locked up with Dynomite. Carlito phone rings is Jigga Zilla telling The Detective that the only way outta here is to fuck Dynomite and the clue lies inside him. Dynomite must keep the clue to get outta the room. Log on to see if there FUCKED

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