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Thugzilla holding audition, caller all dancers for his new video. So Seductive flew in from Miami, and there he was in Zilla's presents. Zilla says "bitch so you think you could dance, I heard boys in Miami could serve" so Zilla starts the Music that Seductive brong in just to see if this bitch could shake it up, WRONG! Seductive was a mess, and that he couldn't do!!! We wonderd what else he could do we thought got to be some use, Zilla stoping the music "what the fuck was that, and you brong your own mix-tape sample in, what the fuck you tryna get a record deal too, dont get me wrong you got a mouth on you but you can't dance, so sinse you waste my valuable time I'ma have to fuck you, and see what else that mouth could do, I got a Mic for you! From there it was on and popping zilla let's him get his couple Minutes of fame spitting the shit he brong in, And then it was zilla's time to shine throwing A real mic in his mouth, "THIS DICK" OMG Seductive could spit, inch deeper and deeper on Thugs Zilla's dick, Zilla could hit, pushing and pushing to the point he could no longer see the mass in his dick. Zilla moans, Seductively turning him on, Catching his I, I think zilla pretty much feeling this guy he was so seductive and he was fly, and when it was time to bust "DAMN" facail, noise and eye, OMG I sweare Seductive then couldn't have looked any prettier, as Seductive curvy red lips moves off the head of Zilla's dick, We found that this bitch couldn't dance but damn He could spit, and it could only leave words from The king himself O MY GOD!

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