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"GUILTY", Can mean so many different things! And this where Mr.Pipem returns bak 2 porn and THUGZILLA.com! Thugzilla & Mr Pipem get caught up with whats new in his life! Pipem tells his Homeboiz why he is GUITLY of being The plummer when your pipes need cleaning lol ! He brings in Eddie Cruz sexy ass 19 year old vers top. We all chat about sex an what there plans are for Thugzilla.com and Porn. Eddie Cruz was in denial about eatting ass in the beginning but that changes quickly LOL .These 2 sexy dudes begin shootin the shit with each other, drinks alot and smokin on dat good green and eating candy and things & its getting kinda wild at this table! Minutes later Mr. Pipem can't hold out from pulling the long dick out an beating it until it spits all ova the place while suckin on a Air head lol! Just call him when you need your pipes cleaned !!! The Plummers Back on the scene!!! "GUILTY"

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