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Blks-N-WhiteBoys 4 -
Blks-N-WhiteBoys 3 -
Blks-N-WhiteBoys 6 -
Blks-N-WhiteBoys -
ThugCocky -
Unapologetic Thug -
Valentines Gone Bad -
Sorry for the Wait -
Happy Birthday Thugzilla -
Back Again -
Thug Hunt 3 -
ThugZilla THUG HUNT -
ThugZilla THUGHUNT Feat KhyreeA mere -
ScroogeZilla -
After Hours Halloween 2010 -
Fucked II -
Rewind pt.2 -
ReWind Raw -
thugzilla vs THUGZILLAYoThugZillasHomeFeatJJSupermeThugZilla -
Mister Buck From Dallas Tx Fucks Peanut -
Pt 7
Pt 6
Pt 5
Pt 4
Pt 3
Pt 2
Pt 1
3 Da Dark Way
Return of Skinny Pimp New comer Libra , Innocense - Three sexy dark brothas with all of wild sex to bring out of each other for Thugzilla.com and the viewer watch ass Skinny Pimp Shows the new comers how its done
Caught on Film
2010 feat. Ca$h Money & Intrigue 2 New models - Both Vers Tops with thick big dicks bring fresh meat to Thugzilla.com
Ca$h 9.5 
Intrigue 9.5
Both could take more than that 
I believe
Thugzilla.com 2010 Dvd
Pleasure Party
2010 - This dvd is loaded with 14 niggaz doing what The kings of porn do. Paryty play and fuck like men. No color matters we all just love dick and ass an it shows in 
Pleasure Party
Hate It Or Love It 
This Is Porn - Thugzilla is Porn hate it or love it 
Its Tru this nigga make Its happen in porn
An Big Tease is a force to be watch stay up on this nigga hes doing it big
Much Love 
U Gonna Think We Invented Sex Feat. Big Tease & Thugzilla - Big Tease and Thugzilla deliver another classic sex scene with more passion and rough sex than ever before 
the 2 sexiest men in Porn
2010 - 5 yrs strong and Thugzilla.com anit missed an beat . Im still the Main attraction 
Just watch this year
I brought 2 new stars to bring the new year
but you know da kING had to come save the show with that POWERFUL sex
ScroogeZilla Pt.2 Ghost of Xmas Past Feat 'Cocky Boi
Scroog Zilla
Feat.New Comer Phoeix - ScoogeZilla is visited by
12 Day Of Xcas 
Feat. New Comer
Fuck -O- Sage
Feat. Bg Tease & Thugzilla - Thugzilla has been hitting the gym for his big return to porn. And pulled a muscle in his back so hes make appointment a this Spot called Fuck-O-Sage. Big Tease saw Thugzilla in the waiting room and called his homebois and told that DA King Of Porn was at his job and he was about to show ThugZilla the meanin of Fuck -o- sage
Best Sex Ever (Raw)
Icon Kidds Amusement Park
with New Comer
Carltio & new comer Dynomite - Det.Carlito calls in Icon Kidd roommate to ask him about the missing Porn stars and if Dynomite know anything about this Jigga Zilla Creator. Lilttle does Det. Carltio know that JiggaZilla has been watch him all  the time hes been investigatein him
Det. Carlito get a phone that JiggaZilla
has stroke again. And the light beging flickering and the computer goes off and on.. Only to wake up and find that hes been captuered by Jigga Zilla and Locked up with Dynomite. Carlito phone rings is Jigga Zilla
telling The Detective that the only way outta here is to fuck Dynomite and the clue lies inside him. Dynomite must keep the clue to get outta the room. Log on to see if there FUCKED
Return of Yella Boi and New comer Young Ice - Yello Boi you and Young Ice are here because you Both Porn as a joke miss using it and Bring it down. Now heres your chance to prove to me that you’re a PORN STAR 
so lets play a game or get 
Intro Feat. Jigga Zilla - This tape tell all and why Jigga Zilla it porn Napping all the stars
Lets Play A Game!!!
ThugZilla.com Present
Hard Kore Guts Get Beat Up By T.Y - T.Y stop by my crib with New Comer Hard Core . Dude is sexy and blk not my thing but Im feeling this nigga. The ass Is phat the face is tight and the nigga took T.Y dick like it wasn’t nothing riding that dick like a pro.
T.Y so into this nigga he ends up sucking Hard Core big dick
Sho-Nuff -vs- Carlito - He's breaks down the difference between the to 2 and where hes career has taken him. Thanks Thugzilla for his start and beats that fuck off
Atfer Washing My Clothes
Feat. Texas Play Boy and Return of T.Y and the New Sho-Nuff ( Carlito) - Time was passing on in the day.So I started washing clothes to my surpise 
T.Y and  Carltio aka Sho-Nuff are at my door. We catch up on old time and whats new when Carltio say lets make a movie 
seeing I have new fame and T.Y hotter than ever. So I called Texas Playboi over. Was I surprise when he got there and the Both had fucked Dude last nite lol
SO the sex  began and T.Y ended up runing the show Until Carlito unleashed the Freak and the double dick Texas Playboi
by the time they where done all my cloths where washed lol
He's Back
Feat. Return of Choas from the Freakdorm & Kavasia - Its started out just a day at the pool ! I get text message that the Freakdorm is in town and looking to Have a lil bet of fun. So I invent them over know Kavasia was gonna eat up Choas an keep my winning In tack and that he did
Porn Idol
Feat> New Comer Texas Play Boy and Cash Hosted by ThugZilla - This season Thugzilla was hosting a show looking for new talent for his sites and porn,.
So first stop Texas Playboi & Cash are up with 3 sex acts to perform and the winner gets well watch and see
He's Back Feat. New Comer
He's Back Feat. Superstar
Porn Aceademy Pt 2
Feat. New Comer
Porn Academy
2009 Feat. New Comer Mr. Pipem & Kavaisa - Kavaisa was waiting on the bus as Mr. Pipem was getting off the train and spotted Kavaisa across the street. So Mr. Pipem approched the nigga. Kavaisa was surprised that someone new him from Thugzilla.com . Pipem tell the nigga he wanted to meet Thugzilla, So they stoped by and ended Up Fucking each other . Stop by and watch
New Faces 
Feat. New comers King Dingo & Kavasia - The New comers didn’t dissappoint
me at all . King Dingo total top 11.5 thick ass dick was all up in Kavasia ass and mouth. He took dick like a fat chick to cake. 
This was a hot scene and start for a break out star to be King Dingo look out for more
Just another star Thugzilla.com Made
Egg Hunting with Rabbit
Feat. New comer D-Unit - This easter Rabbit held and egg Hunt an D-Unit found the Rabbit that had that gloden ass and Layed all 11 inches and that hole. This Rabbit found out that eggs and the only thing D-Unil can find.
Happy Easter From 
The Sir Franklin Effect - This freaky vers bottom love to play in that ass and beat that big blk dick while. Looking like Franklin the turtle Thugzilla tell him. They both lol and then Sir Franklin drinks a bit more and begin to get nude and lickin his on toes and jacking that dick
Dr. Sexxx First
Appointment Feat. Truth - Truth hurt his leg Playing B -Ball wit Thugzilla . Zilla told this nigga about Dr. Sexx and how good he was with his hand and both sets of lips. Truth arrived at the office and This freaky ass Doctor took control…..
Caught Up In Some Shit
New Comer
 A Thugs Valentine's
New Comer Gabrielle & Thugzilla - Gabrielle trys to bring some Sexy Valentine;s love to Da King . This nigga to hood for the candy and balloons , hes head right after that Ass and begin to eat that candy and taste sweet juices in that ass
while Gabrielle is ready to force that dick deep in the mouth and ass 
A Thug's Valentine's Just drop your draws
City Boi Returns to Thugzilla.com To Fuck the ICON KIDD - This 2 major stars of porn meet for the First time here. And it was well worth the wait
City Boi hasn’t lost that stroke at all. He pound the Icon Kidds ass in ova and ova. Kidd never once stop the 2 made HISTORY here
Can't Win Against Da Icon Kidd feat. Return of Flexx - Let the card games begin. We all known from Icon Kidds past here that he never lose a dick yet lol so Flexxx has no chance here. From the bed to the hall way
Flexx throughs dick
New years 2009 
ReTurn oF
How Zilla Claus Stole Xmas
Feat. Rabbit, Soulja boy, - This Season Zilla Claus is out to Steal Xmas along with Some ass when find some one fucking his gonna come in and just take that niggaz ass and fuck up his XMAS
Da Wii Games Feat. New Comer
Young Sexy Kurputs Another Nigga Feat. Kurupt & Sedection - 2 young freaks sucking and eating 
Breaking out an getting all the dick they can handle
When It All Falls Down
Thugzilla Comes Back 2 Fix It Feat. New Comer JJ Superme - ThugZilla had to come show these niggas in the game. Once again why hes the KING!! JJ .Superme has small waist thick ass and pretty smile that get FUCKED up all over the table the chair and riding Zilla dick until he bust a hot load all over that pretty ass nigga face
When it all falls down Thugzilla is you’re man to COUNT on
Can't Enough Of
Pride 2008 Atl
New Comer
Wet Wet Wet Feat. New Comer
Summer Lusten
Feat. Deion , Flexxx, and Return of POLO - Flexx is back again with more new  niggaz. This new Deion seem to be down for dick  any where you can put it. So Polo breaks that ass and mouth off while Flexx face fucks Deion
Lost In Da Park
New Comer
Rock Da Vote!!!!!!!!
Feat. New Comer
Friday After Next 
Feat. Flexxx, King B, and New Comer
New Comer Flexxx Meets
Sho-Nuff - Flexx meets Sho-Nuff in his hotel room after meeting @ Tracks last nite. They pick up from the door to the bed. Sho- Nuff was on that dick.
Thugzilla @ Splash 2008
Feat. Soulja Boi, TKO - This 2 models have never worked together but from watch them in the scene. We learn that they have been looking forward to this. Splash is the alone way to explain the reason for ass pounding like this
Soulja Boi had TKO ass wett and SPLASHING
I_Am-ThugZilla Pt.3
Feat. Polo,Shawn Legend, Sho-Nuff - 3 Stars take on each other for the battle of there career and see who gonna come out on top. Now that’s the real question here!!!
Second  Time Around Is Always Better - Sho nuff and solider Boy
are to porns that know each other from another time an place but in a better place now
I_Am_ThugZilla Feat. New Comer Jersey & Thugzilla - The New comer is from Jersey city 
and his name fits him Jersey. The ass the body the face feet dick and that fucking mouth. The best head I ever had.We fucked on in the restroom the bed the chair the window and the wall
New Comer Julevi 
Sucks Thugzilla Off - Thugzilla get the new comer Julevi 
to show him how much Brains he really has
2 Coming of Thugzilla
Feat. New Comer Franchise - The new Era begins. New Comer Franchise and Thugzilla are on the roof drinking an looking at the sky line of ATL.
He's talking shit to Thugzilla and has lots of attitude.It Turns all good after Thugzilla starts kissing that nigga and the rest is in the bag
Thug Confessions Pt 12
Feat. Ocean & Soulja Boy - The First Confession with 2 Thugs at once. This started house confessions
and this 2 thugs sucked dick in ways you will never believe! 
And tell all
March MadNess
Feat.New Comer Ocean & Thugzilla - Thugzilla and New Comer Ocean
 watch the March Madness and Thugzilla's mind starts thinking of all types of Madness to do to Ocean and his ass
Introducing Mr. Virgin & KTZ - KTZ meets another nigga that’s looking to be made Into a star. But Mr.Virgin showed up ass and mouth ready to be his own star. Trust me this nigga is no longer a VIRGIN
SavePorn_KTZ_08 Pt 4
War Of The Roses
Feat. Carlito C & ThugZilla - If you’re a rose lover and Love men these 2 nigga deliver all that and then Red Chocoalate to eat off each other 
and licking the ass ring in Carlito c ass
KTZ saved another one
Pt3 Jungle Fever Feat.Carltio C & KTZ - KTZ had to go the Jungle and save New comer Carltio c shawty from miami and not new to porn but Still KTZ need to save this nigga and did I . I beat that ass in RAW HOT SEX
Warm Up Summ Ass 
Feat. Shawn Legend and New comer Soidler Boi - Shawn Legend meet Soidler Boi on BGC earlier today@ ThugZilla crib and talked about doing Porn with this nigga so Soilder Boi was talked into becomin the New star
The nigga is a natural
These Boots Where Made For Walking Feat. C-mack & Bootz - 2 New comers To Thugzilla.com not porn are here . And this nigga C-mack showed Boots how hes walks in Boots and fucked that tight phat ass up
Pt 2 Feat. New Comer BabyRedd & KTZ - After fucking Track star silly. KTZ goes to shower not knowing the challengers are coming . New comer Baby Redd Knock at KTZ's door and comes in telling KTZ how he need to be Save be him. KTZ hangs him upside down and feed that dick to Baby Redd. The nigga was feeling so frisky KTZ made him act like a Cat lol
Save_Porn_KTZ_08 Feat. New comer Track Star with KTZ - Thugzilla has come back hard to save porn which has lost its style and the thugs are lost and im, here to bring hard dick and lots of shit talking chocking ass pounding 
Feat. Track Star
The nigga thought he could fuck with the KING he found out quickly this nigga the TRUTH
Psycho Santa
Feat.Polo & Tazz - Tazz opens the door to jugle bells and a Santa taken money for the kids to find out that this Santa wants more than cash for the kids. Hes looking to leave some of his kids on Tazz face
Interview with Da Icon Kidd Aka Raindeer Feat. Skinny Pimp - This marks the Return of Original Raindeer
Icon Kidd 
And this nigga is getting his dick suck by Skinny Pimp
1st Day Of Xmas
feat. New comer TAZZ - New Comer Tazz Meets Zilla Claus and tells him how naughty can be ZillaClaus tells the nigga to show him!!!
Fuck ThanksGiving Feat. Shawn Legend & Mr. Saukei - Mr. Saukeo didn’t make it home for ThanksGIving so Thugzilla brought him some real turkey to fuck Shawn Legend
Halloween Return of Mr.Saukei feat. Polo - Polo bring Mr. Saukei to the jacuzzi to bubbles and candy and all of round pretty ass to push ova Saukei mouth and face. Then Poloi turns an sucks and that dick of Saukeis and Eats that ass while getting hes dick suck they end up in the bed. And Polo spreads his legs to take all Mr. Sackeis dick and when Saukei come he said the Famous words Thugzilla You said You was hungry now Eat nigga
Halloween In Da Hood
Feat.Polo ,Thugzilla, New Comer Bronz Star & Skinny Pimp, Retrurn of ICON KIDD - We start out by walking through the park looking for nigga to rob when SO silly as nigga fitting the bill walks by we grap them nigga and Knife point bring them back to crib and Get all there CANDY
Area Code Battles Of Live Sex Shows 559/901 - The cities began the sex battle 
@ Thugzilla.com new comer Episode 
and Skinny Pimp try and reach out an touch each other in the mouth
Dope Boy in Da Trap Feat. Trap Boy & Da King Of Porn - Thugzilla Drug dealer Drops  by to see if your Zilla need to reup lil does he know Thugzilla has stop smoken lol and ThugZilla lets Trap boy know in more than one way how much hes not smoken by laying dick to this nigga ova a HOUR
Da Straped Up Boys
Feat. Jovonnie & City Boi - The Hottiest Couple in Gay Porn have made to Thugzilla.com 
And they Fuck each other so sexy with to much passion and love. Damn I can barely hold the camera FUCK 
and its RAW
Double Up 
Feat Remy Mars & Mr.Sackei 's Return with Gangsta Pussy - The 2 biggest Vers Stars in Porn are back @Thugzilla.com Remy Mars & Mr. Saukei 
And this nigga Gangsta Pussy has his work cut out with this 2 niggas with all this dick Thugzilla thought. Oh was I wrong  Gangsta Pussy earned his name after getting DOUBLE dick !!!!!!
Skinny Pimp Putting Dick 2 new Comer KOD feat. Thugzilla - Skinny Pimp was putting the dick 2 new comer KOD and the nigga was fighting and running So Thugzilla took ova
Polo In Da Trap Boy - 2 new Break out stars of the week are 
Polo & Trap Boy 
2 vers top ready to show Thugzilla why its there time to shine 
Let Get started !!!!!
New Comers Arrive @ Da Crip - Skinny Pimp & Atl Shawty are this weeks 2 new  models ones a Vers top the other big ass bottom Let the show begin 
KING-vs-Legend - New comer to ThugZilla.com Shawn Legend Has a heated conversation with Thugzilla about why hes not be working with him an who was the reason. Thugzilla comes back with a KILLER line lol
Most Anitcipated Feat.Remy Mars & ThugZilla - The hottiest Vers top has made it to Thugzilla.com and bring Thugzilla to the point to 69 with this sexy ass igga Yea sucking this nigga dick and kissing sucking his sexy ass feet. That ass was so tight and wett damn Remy Mars!!!!!!!!
B-Balling IN Atl feat. Flawless & ThugZilla - After 2outta 3 games of 21 Thugzilla has beat Flawless big tall sexy ass. And the loser is getting fucked on the basket ball
Watch ass Zilla spread Flawless ass all over the ball and floor with dick up in Him
Summer Thuggin It 2007 - Thugzilla has a new model with pink men draws on and the director Eddie james give Thugzilla location out in the movie
Follow the map in Thugzilla head
Mr GoodBar Has some of that ass taken Feat. Rudy & Magic stick - The new comer Mr. Good Bar is about to have more than his wrapper taken nigga Rudy and Magic Stick beat this dude ass in and out
Splash Houston TX
2007 Feat Thugzilla - Finally Da King Has Returned Home 
the beach was windy hot and wett 
like most of the niggazs I meet there
The women where out in strong force!!!
Both kind of women and men
POV Feat. Thugzilla & Flaw Less - Point Of View From Thugzillas Eyes 
with Flawless sucking that 9.5 thick inch dick and sucking all that thick nut out
Maic Stick's the new Comer 
Dick All In Sho Nuff - Magic Stick found a  perfect place for all that dick . Up inside Sho nuff pretty tight hole. Sho nuff ride that dick and show the talents he's learned in his time away from the crib
FlawLess Sex Feat. Flawless and Thugzilla - Flawless 6'6 ass is here to bring hot long leg and dick with ass to fuck FA Thugzilla 
There so many ways Thugzilla fucks this dude
Volkas Return and Hes got more Candy!!!!! - The sexy round ass bottom from NC is back wit more freaky candy shows
NYC 2007 The Take Over
By Thugzilla.com - NYC wasn’t ready for Da King of Porn 
but hes gonna doit big no matter where hes at!!!!!!!!
Rudy Returns 2 da Crib 2007
With Dreams - In that dream of Superstar
 Thugzilla Foot Fetish Staring Mr. Ass XXX - Thugzilla is showing a deeper sexier side with Mr. Ass as they drink champane and a lot of tongue kissing toe licking ass eatting RAW SEX
Fucking Like Crazy Feat. Buck 50 , and Mr. Ass , ThugZilla - The king has started up a new court with @ hot niggas for the A-town
does it to to the kings liking
Live@ Piedmont Park with Da King Of Porn
Day @ The Park Atl - Starring Thugzilla & new comer
Thug Group Fuck pt 2 - More Thugs than you are gonna be able to handle
Thug Group Fuck -  More thugs than you can handle
Lil Sexy One & Smoke - Another nigga that gets SMOKED by smoke
poor Lil Jay
New Comer
ThugZilla's Getting His Salad Tossed or Is he? - In the begin it looks like Finally someone has taste that ass of the KING OF PORN
but again yall been had lol
Thugzilla Had A Dream MLK
weekend ATL - This pride was off the fucking chain
Funz WorthBentley
Gets a lot of Gemini - Thugzilla's person Rep. Funz WorthBentley
begans to make his mark @ da Crib I mean all up in Gemini's ass
Thugzilla Had Dream - This dream came tru more ass more ass more ass
Smoke rolling up and Fucking Omega Out - 2 Dark big dick thugs smoke an fuck
Its Just The Beginning - The Champ defends is title against Smoke and puts Smoke all the way out lol
Da Champ Is Here 2007 - Finally Da Champ has arrived @thugzilla.com with Vers class and style
Less Than 28 Days To Get This Shit Together - Thugzilla has less than 28 days to get ready for the awards show and film the new models before he's off to Las Vages
so Funz Worth Bentley is gonna relax the king
How 2 Keep Hard Dick Pt 2 - More listen on keeping your dick hard
How 2 keep a Hard Dick Pt 1 - This is how you keep a hard dick and this freaks show you how to keep it
Sebastian the new coming is meet by Mendoza - Mendoza is tryin to be the Vers top and breakin in the new co star  Sebastian
When ZillaClaus is away the Raindeer with Play - All the raindeer love to get it in while Zilla Claus is away 
kissing eatting an lickin on each other
Zilla Claus Returns to Interview
Redicklous Claus Watching ova the Crib fa ZillaCLaus - Redicklous was watching the crib for ZillaClaus and couldn’t seem to keep that big dick of hes outta Zilla Claus's Elf
Zilla Claus  New Helpers Get Off - Let the interviews begin and the fucking start
Zilla Claus Return with a new Xmas cast - This Xmas in ATL we bring to you all new cast and more guest than before and Yes I have still have had dick and bubble gum and im all outta bubble gum 
ho ho ho ho
Xmas In Atl 
with Sho deer aka ShoNuff - This Sho Deer love to eat nut outta bowls and get fucked 
Mr Trill aka Trill santa does just that to him
and more
Ho Ho Ho
Thug Daddys Ntie Flicks - The cast caught on tape at nite
Getting  Summ Head and Busting a nutt - Yella boi Returns 2 da crib with Mr trill and delivers a lot dick sucking and ass eating with nutt busting sex
ThugZilla.com Present
Blk Work Out - ThugZilla trys to get Mendoza and Enrique
On some weight lifting and underware droping and dick rising sex
Game Time Feat. Mr.Trill& Enrique - The guys are playing PS3 and the loser is getting fucked
watch to see how wins
but no one losers
ThugZilla.com After Dark UnCutt - Live cams in The dark there no telling what yall about to see shit I anit even saw yet
Crazy Ass
Riding Dirty pt 8
Feat. Enrique and 2 Dope Boys - New comer
Training Day - Thugzilla is training another bottom to fuck another bottom lol
How 2 Take Dick - My homeboi come ova with this Big 15 inch dildo showing the models HOW 2 TAKE DICK
Dallas Austin
Gets Dunn Feat Thugzilla - Da king of porn fucks Dallas Austin until that pretty redd ass cant take any more 
4th white boy on Thugzilla.com
3rd Return of Thugzilla - The King Return again from the award show in Las Vages another sweep
still talking shit
Thug Daddy's Gang Bang Fast - Thugs fucking fast and faster
Voklas Tames Ca$h Money - Return of Vokals Taming Cash Money how to get up in red pretty ass
Thug Daddys Thug Troise - Introducing Mendoza& Sho nuff
Getting the hell fucked outta them by
Race 2 Da Finish - Bring in Fresh Talent is a time. So I had them jack off an the first one to bust got the movie with me and the other just a spot in the crib
Thug Daddy's Group Show Pt1 - Thug daddys running the crib while Zilla is filming outta town
Live with all the new cast in ATL
2 Vers Tops telling All 
and Doing all - Now if you thought vers nigga couldn’t do both look at how its done
3 Da Dark Way - Introducting Cash Money & Dark Meat
Thugzilla is breaking in new talent this phat ass booty bottom with this muscular Top
Bad Boi Takes Young Jezzy DOWN - Debut of
Pride Fuck 2006 - Jezzy & Triville doing all you can do after PRIDE
ThugZilla Beach Freaks - Thugzilla doing wild shit on the beach only as The king would do
Kris Bday Party - Another Bday Bash @ThugzillaCrib
Cake presents drinks and more guests
Thugzilla.com Second DVD
White Boy Gang Bang - Thugzilla brings a star studded cast for a  white mans dreams dick by blk men
Enzo Takes On 2 Bigg Asses - Texas Finest takes on some big ass bottoms for A-town and delivers just like all niggaz from Texas do
with Big Dick and loads of CUMM
Group Sexxx Pt 2 - These Thugs are busting nuts all over this condo
Group Sexxxxx - Thugzilla is back from sweeping the PORN awards in Las Vages 
and celebrates with all Group live sex show
NBT -vs-XCL - 2 niggas @ tha crib meeting in the bed for the first time a battle of the vers bottoms
Again,Again&again Feat. Kris&Thugzilla - Raw sex at its best from this 2 niggas can't seem to get enough 3 nuts an this nigga dicks want go down 
Stay tuned for 
Again,Again&again plus One more
coming soon
Why He's The Next Big Thang Feat. Thugzilla - Thugzilla finds out why NBT is the next big thang once he gets his dick off in this nigga
Volkaz Training Day Feat. ThugZilla - Today Zilla takes Voklas and spreads those phat ass cheek and lips all ova this chair while Vokals Rides and takes dick from the back an front damn damn damn ZILLA
Kriz Stlyes Fucking 
NBT - The Next Big Thang ran in the THE BIG Thang of KRIZ that 13 inch dick all up in hes ass
over and over
3 Way Fucking - Three Men Fucking
Kris Thugzilla
Redds Return Again 
& B -Day Bash - The Party continues with MORE guests
Redds Return Again 
& B -Day Bash - After all the Riding Dirty Thugzilla has to get ready for Redd b day party 
Just cant seem to leave REDD alone
The party starts off great underward cake balloons and a lot of ass
and weed and drinks
On A Sneak Tip In 
Bath Room Fuck - The New Model
Magic Fingers - Yella Boi takes and does some magic things with hes fingers in and outta Xclusive ass
A Thugs Life Pt 1 - Thugzilla & Yella Boi & Cultour given lesson of how a thugs life would be 
watch an learn
Underware Auction for HIV awareness with THUGZILLA - Thugzilla auctions off hes underware at another event 
Ft lauderdale Club
2006 Sizzle 3Way Fuck - Thugzilla & Juice and my latin homeboi Fuck this white boy that’s one of Thugzilla groupies 
South Beach Hotel
Thug Confessions Pt 3
Feat. Kid Kaj - Coffessions Guest is Kid Kaj
Young Sexy Thug with a lot of abs legs ass and dick
SIZZLE2006 @
Da NUDE BEACH - Thugzilla, Redd, Exclusive an a lot more sexy  people on the beach
Thugzilla.com Presents the First DVD
Thugzilla.com Presents the First DVD
Sexxy Hott & Ruff - The Title Tells It All
The Break Throw 2006 - Infamous and EnviMi
get engaged and then FUCK each other
ThugZilla Blk Beach 2006 - Thug cast live In mia at the beach playing foot ball and doing what niggas do 
live in the chat room
The Second Return oF ThugZilla - Thugzilla is back from NYC filminig to bring the HEAT back to the crib
Lockdown 69 Ways - LockDown and Xclusive gives the chatroom a  live 69 show and some many other things
Trigger Fucks Xclusives Face - Xclusives Mouth gets a lot dick in it From 
Zilla's Homeboi Trigger
DawgWood Festival Atl - Thugzilla Has Festival at the Festival lol
Thugzilla has he's DOC to come and get Examed lol - Zilla has the DOC to stop by to check on hes Totaoe on he's arm and then Xclusive comes in with a double headed Dildo and the DOC getting hes upper and lower GI lol
Thugzilla's Assfare - Xclusive & Starr are thinking 2 ass are to much for Thugzilla but little do these 2 bottoms know that ThugZilla is a  beast the closer the winner
New Thugs Getting Loose - The new niggas start off the day @ da crib with a lot of dicks up and ready to bust 4 new dudes from all ova the world and a one your not gonna believe that @ da CRIB
The Return of the Freaky Zone Pt 2 Getting Summ Head - Trigga Thugzillas homeboi stops by for some head and yo does he getting from more than one mouth Xclusive and Kidd and they all do some freaky Shit in the ZONE
Xclusive Report feat. ThugZilla - Xclusive is the new bottom at the crib and Thugzilla bust that lil ass up sweating all ova the couch and Xclusives ass busted a lot of nut all over Xclusives Mouth and lips report that
Live  Uncutt in 404 Da Scoop - We talking shit with people at the Underground asking Questions about gay life in Atl and riding through the city 
Behind the scene with the cast
Thugzillla.com Atl Thug Orgy - Zilla come to Atl and starts a sex orgy with old cast members an new
Freaky Zone Ending - The Lights and wind begin to blow around with Kidd & Assassyn
Freak Zone - Icon Kidd and Assassyn Create the Freaky Zone a live 3d show @ da Crib Playing Freaky card games and dice with sex postions on it 
Roll this dice and see how u get fucked
Atl TurnOut - Thugzilla& X-rated, Kidd, Assyasin and Pretty ricky drive up from Miami to Atl
and along the way KIDD is arrested lol seriously. Not long after that Pretty Ricky retires from Porn while where in Atl so 
X-Rated step up his game an Got Thugzilla
Pretty Ricky -vs- X-Rated - North vs South this 2 nigga are not liking the fact that Thugzilla is fucking both of them
See how KIDD makes them see the light
and come together for ThugZilla.com
Freaky Tales From Da Hood
Pt 3 - Pretty Rickys Fantasy is for Thugzilla to fuck him in hes daddys boots 
and wow does he
Freaky Tales From Da Hood Pt2 - Thugzilla giving hood love to all that come with a freaky dreams
ThugZilla Presents FreakyTales Pt 1 with Kidd and Fantsai - ThugZilla for fills the freaky dreams of KIDD
the ICON of porn bottoms Fucking him in hes Timberlands live and record and the views make comments about Thugzilla's feet must be busted so he takes hes tims off to show them
Venoms Strikes Back - Another Freakdorm.com model envading Thugzilla.com 
this nigga dick is so fucking bigggggg not to say that ass anit but Its huge also and the sexy blk nigga bring everything that was missing from Thugzilla.com to the site
Slims BreakOut film - Freakdorms Model Slims First scene with dakingofporn and Thugzilla.com
the first of many to come join Thugzilla.com
A Tops Trio - Thugzilla Flys another Top in for LA 
to have a Shower with this Phat botty top and Penetraor also a Top
so its hard dick and ass with 3 Thugz
eating jacking lickin and washin ass
Thugzilla.com -vs- Freakdorm.com Pt 2 - This is just the First second Game stay tuned
Thugzilla.com -vs- Freakdorm.com - Tops bottoms vers niggaz from Philly live @ Thugzilla.com the battle begins Finals
Zilla& Infamous Get the new Guys Ready - Infamous and ThugZilla break in the new niggaz at the Crib
Da Clean Up -
Mr.Saukei Fucks A Long HairBitch - While Thugzilla is In Las Vages for the Porn awards  Mr.Saukei Is running the Crib and laying dat dick on this bitch. Shit the power struggle begins >>>>?
Return Of THUGZILLA - The First time since Redd and Thugzilla ended that im BACK live on Film and fucking like my self
Little did I know there would be more returns to come…………..
Destiny Fa Filled - The last time that Redd and Thugzilla where filmed
Mr. Saukei Socks it 2 Seduction - Mr Saukei Startin to come into his on as a Major Star  @ Thugzilla.com while Thugzilla is in Las Vagas Porn Awards
Live At Club Boi - Thugzilla Live wit All hes Models do a live sex show IN MIAMI @club boi
Run AwayRain Deer - Zilla Claus wakes up and finds out that damn Raindeer KIDD has run off!! So he calls hes Juster Mr Saukei to get him to help him Find KIDD's ass. Mr Saukei show up looking sexy ass ever while ZillaClaus trys to explain what he thinks Happen the Juster Mr Saukei says You gonna Pay me BITCH lol Oh yea they catch him an fuck him good
RainDeer Shit Talken lol - First Run away Kidd raindeer
had Redd off talk about the Justers missing an how ZillaClaus wants to fuck all the rain deer lol Ho HO HO
Redd Off The RainDeer 
rides Zilla Claus DICK - ReddOff the Raindeer Looks to pull more then Zilla Claus's sleed Hes after that dick an does he get it ALL Raw and HARD 
Zilla& His Lil Helpers - Ho Ho Ho Zilla Claus and His Helpers 
bring Joy Love Sex And nutt this hoilday!!!!!!
Inroducting Flash & Sexi Blaque - 2 new thugs ImFamous brought ova to see if Thugzilla need new talent
Fire Hott Ass Kidd - Kidd wild ass dyes he hair redd and get fucked in the shower while drink a beer 
this is Just KIDD
3 Way From Hell - Thugzilla & Mr Saukei Take it to the next level and Bring in a Third party to fuck Nature Boy 
Just the Second Scene for Mr Saukei
Thanks Giving Desert lol - Kidd & Imfamous& Angel give up all there desert for the fans
2 Wett Turkeys And A Piss -  Kidd and Angel freaking on each other while in the shower kidd wants ThugZilla to piss on his ass hole and yall Know he did
Angel So Soft - Young Jezzy breaks n Angel
Name Game - ImFamous fucks the shit outta New Game
Trick-A-Treat -
Mid Nite Freak A Treat - Trick a treat like you would understand until you watch how brothas get TREATS
K.A.N.E Welcomes Young jezzy 2 back 2 da crip - Kane give Jezzy a welcome back FUCK
Redds Return 2 Da Crip Pt 2 -
Redds Return 2 Da Crip Pt1 - This was a return that didn’t last long but it was fuckin hott
Mr Big Gets Young Jezzy - Finally Young Jezzy Gets FUCKED
Young Jezzy Fucks Lil Tee -
Thugzilla Live In Atl 2006 -
Big & Young & Hung - Young Jezzy getting paid back for the last scene with Tee. Now he's paying the price once Mr BIGGs gets off in that ass
Young Thugs Fuck - Jezzy laying down that wood on this nigga 
Lil Tee
ThugZilla Live In Atl 2007 - Back In the A with Da King of porn doing hard with all new thugz
ThugZilla B-Day Bash 2007 - Thugzilla brought this B-day in with all of hes friends models and lover and the Birth day ass that was brought in from OUTTA town. Wow this poss a problem for Thugzilla & Redd stay Tuned
HurriK.A.N.E - Was enough that Ft lauderdale & Miami where hit with 2 Hurricanes in the middle of the storm KANE starts make is on thunder and wind with Mr. ATL taking that curved dick of 

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Thug Luv -
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da Breakin -
Juice Teazin VelCream & KidKaj -
Dick Battle -
Grind FaceFucked by Penetrator -
Tone Boned by Grind and KidKaj -
DaddyDiesel fuck the shit outa ToneBoned -
Real Deal First Solo -
ThugZilla & Peanut -
Every Hole Hit -
Trey Miller Wallfuck -
Velcreams Tightwork -
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Americaz Most Wanted pt.2 -
Americaz Most Wanted -
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Taming some Ass -
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