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MikeWhite -
Thug Confession 36 Featuring Slim Sliggen - Thug Confession 36 Featuring Slim Sliggen
Thug Confession 37 -
Thug Confession 35 - Thug Confession 35 Featuring King of Fetish
Thug Confession 34 - Sexy Seduction LIVE IN ORLANDO
Thug Twink Confessions 12 - Ken Barb -
Thug Confession 33 Featuring Philli Mac -
Thug Twink Confession 8 FUCKED IN THE SHOWER -
Thug Twink Confession 9 - Reo Michael -
Fucked III pt. 2 -
Thug Twink Confessions 10 Model Boy -
Thug Twink Con Fession 7 Reo Micheals Luv Of Dick -
Fucked III featuring newcomer 'Kidd Rock' fuckign in a New York window. -
Slam -
GetInDatAss -
Suave -
Thug Confessions - Sum Thing Different -
Thug Twink Confessions -
Thug Twink Confessions -
Thug Confessions 29 -
Thug Confessions 28 -
March Thugness - March Thugness
Thug Confessions 23 -
ThugConfessions22 - JupiterCumm -
Thug Confessions 21 -
Thug Confessions Pt. 20 -
Thug ConFessions #15
Jeremy Easter Redd Dildo - This easter we got more than a rabbit and eggs shit Jeremy brought his Red ass and that big red dildo and use them both up
ThugZilla.com Present
Gobal Explosion Feat. New Comer Mr. Republic - Vers Top red bone nigga here 
with a huge dick and a prefect ass
Watch out for more from this nigga
New Comer
Spectacular KIDD - Pretty Ricky Spectacualr By Icon KIDD
This shit is to funny for word just watch
Blame It On The Kavasia - This nigga is twisted be drinking all evening with the 2 sexiest Brothas in Porn
King Dingo & Phat Daddy 
They bring the nigga ova my crib and have him give them a show on my kitchen counter. That ass so spread open and dick so hard
So Don’t blame the KAVASIA blame the sexy Big Dick Brothas
Phat Daddy New Comer
World Permier - Thugzilla.com Has brought Break out stars Brothas
New Comer
Dr. Sexx has arrived @ Thugzilla.com 2009 - New Comer Dr. Sexx has come to the crib to answer all your sexual question and perform them on your dicks
Training Day New Comer
Thug Confession Of The Icon Kidd - This is a new era in Icon Kidd career and life. He tells all of where hes worked companies good and bad. Tells all about how phony ass niggas do shit and try and hold him down. But still the freaky ass KIDD we end up Doing a solo out side behind The QT gas station lol
Chopped & Screwed
New Comer
Halloween 2008 New Comer 
Jason and His Toys - New Comer
Jersey's Fantasy About Thugzilla - Zilla out in Vages at the porn awards.
While Jersey at the house looking all some of Thugzilla DVDs and playing in dat ass and beating that big yellow ass dick 
Don’t hate the playa hate the GAME
Skinny Pimps Return 2 Da
Crib - Skinny  Pimp is back in ATL and doing a lot new things. Hes looking to top and bottom more so watch out for the new shit from him
and hes give an freak show from every angle in this film
Thug Coffession # 13
Riding Dirty #9 
Feat.New Comer
Tz.com Presents
Flexxx Solo - Introducing An up coming Superstar stay on the look out for the  nigga here
Thug C0nfessions Pt .11 
Feat. Skinny Pimp - Skinny Pimp tell all about orange mond !!! 559
Thug ConFessions Pt 10
ReTurn of Mr So Sexy - Return of Mr. So Sexy and this nigga ass is phatter than ever can it be 
DAMN watch ass this nigga shows ass play and bust a load An tells all
New Comer
Thug Confessions Pt 9
Feat Mr.Good Bar - New Comer Mr. Good bar has his moment to tell all and all 
This nigga is full of nutts lol
Thug Confession Pt 8
Smoke's V-day Gift
Yella Boi Strikes Back - The solo to remember Natty boi aka Yella Boi
Thug Confessions Pt 7
Trey - Another Thugs tells all 
and does all
World Pt.1 - The world In the mind of MENDOZA
Return of Riding Dirty 
Feat. Mendoza - Finally the seris that brought you thugs in the back seat has come back with 2 thugs and  one bait Mendoza
Mr Trill Returns 2 The Crib - Formly know as Grind
Mr.Trill is back sexier an ready to bring more loads of sex to you
Billon Dollar Body
Riding Dirty Pt 5
Feat. Enzo - Texas Finset Total top
Thug Confessions Pt 6
Volkaz - Volkaz tells all about sex and how he became a bottom and why hes @Thugzilla.com
with candy in hes ass
blow pops
now that’s some sweet ass
Riding Dirty Pt 4
NBT - The 2nd &3rd modles are at the airport and ThugZilla heads out again dick hard and camera loaded with a tape for more 
Riding Dirty on I-95
2 nut of the day
Riding Dirty Pt 3 - The new model
Thug Confessions pt 5 
Blu Ice - This Nigga here from N.C
thinks hes stong as popoye and does things with a dildo ThugZilla has never seen
Riding Dirty Pt 2 - Introducing
Thug ConFessions Pt 2 Feat.
Riding Dirty - Introducing Riding Dirty 
 this Thug gets busy in the back set from the airport giving info about himself and the flight and releasing the NUTT
Thug Confessions Envi Mi Pt.1 - Coffessions of A  Vers Bottom
Kraves BreakOut - Final this super star has a chance to be himself as the break out star for Thugzilla.com where real niggas do real shit
Play boi Da Play Mate - Thug Huffenr Bring hes First Playboi to the Crib and this nigga came ready with toys sexy underward and shoes that glow look out 
for this sexy thug
Kidds Thugz Giving Desert - Wild ass KIDD does what You all love best Be himself
Trigger Nigga Solo - Trigga jacking that Big 10 inch dick
NoBodys Angel -
N Dulg In Him Self - N Dlug Showing the world how he fuckes him Self
Delicious Meal - One on Thugzilla fans turned model give a Delicious Meal to all his fans served with side of dick and main course of ASS ASS 
Gimme Dat Nutt -
Cookies & Cream Starring 
  Ever Ready -
Pitt Bull Breaks Out -
Freaky Tale Fucks Himself -
DominicanX -
K.A.N.E. - Real Nigga Shit -
ThugZilla talkin shit -
Velcream Solo -
Juice Wet & Wild -
ThugZilla Getting Loose -
Rudy'z Jack Dance -
Jackin 4 a Beat -